Letters to the Editor

Reasonable measure

I wish to express my thanks to The Tribune for its thoughtful editorial, “We need a stronger network of safeguards,” May 28, regarding the fallout from the recent murders of six at UC Santa Barbara.

The Tribune resisted the usual urge of most in the news media to use every such tragedy as an excuse to destroy the gun ownership rights guaranteed to us by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The Tribune’s positive reference to the idea of “gun violence restraining orders” as a means of keeping such weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill seems logical and reasonable to me. It should be pursued.

Similarly, I would support efforts by the new group “Moms Demand Action” to find ways to keep guns out of the hands of the unstable so long as it does not attempt to do so at the expense of the overwhelming majority of Americans who are stable and law-abiding and who wish to exercise their constitutional right to arm themselves.