Letters to the Editor

Renaming motions

With the latest rants from some U.S. senators to rename the NFL’s Washington Redskins, will the storied team or the NFL heed their harangues? If so, shouldn’t the renaming of the team be guided by historical accuracy rather than political correctness?

Should certain senators want to honor Native Americans, let’s call them the Washington Conoys after the vanquished indigenous tribe that once occupied the area before it became our capital.

Should they want to expunge any reference to our native ancestors, how about names reflecting what past Washington leaders actually did to them, like the Treaty-Breakers or the Forked Tongues? Or how about renaming them for the actual behavior of our senators, like the Spenders, the Regulators or the Self-Promoters?

Perhaps the most fitting name of all might be the Washington Wastrels. While the logo might be challenging, it has great alliteration and reflects a triumvirate of truths: Wasn’t it our past leaders who “laid waste” to the American Indians, and isn’t “wasting” what our senators do best with our time and our money?

So to those senators, knock it off! After all, don’t you have better things to do, like fixing Obamacare?