Letters to the Editor

March against GMO

May 24 was the second March Against Monsanto, a worldwide event designed to bring awareness to the masses of the ever-worsening problem of GMOs and the role played by Monsanto and other chemical companies like them. A small group of maybe 25 or 30 men, women, kids and dogs met in a downtown park in San Luis Obispo.

We had signs that said encouraging and inspiring things that gave me hope for today and we started walking. We had drummers, people were chanting, some were singing, people drove by and honked showing their support, and all along the way we had folks joining us as we marched. By the time we got to the end of the route, we had at least doubled the number of marchers. Our group was small, but all around the world, thousands were marching.

The best way to avoid GMOs is to buy organic whenever possible. Support your local farmers. Go to the farmers markets. Ask your local grocers for organic products. We all have to create the demand.