Letters to the Editor

Allow younger votes

“At least 6.4 million California residents are eligible to vote but aren’t registered ... as a result, the electorate is whiter, older and wealthier than the state as a whole.” — “Millions of Californians aren’t on voter rolls,” The Tribune, May 27.

Want a positive and informed electorate, with more people engaged in the process? Lower the voting age to 16. Discuss elections — and voter registration — in school social studies classes. Invite candidates to debate the issues in school assemblies. Teach kids how to spot ad hominem attacks, red herrings, straw men and other illogical nonsense in campaign advertising.

Persons ages 16 and 17 are already seen as adults in many legal areas. They can drive, work, pay taxes, leave school and live independently. They deserve to participate in a political process that directly affects their education and their future lives.