Letters to the Editor

Uniting force on board

I am writing to support the election of Caren Ray to the Board of Supervisors.

I not only appreciate Caren’s 16 years of teaching experience and the fact she has owned her own business, but more importantly, her commitment to uncovering the truth behind all issues. She is a pro at getting all sides in the same room, uncovering truth and resolving issues. Let me share an example:

For the past three years, huge semi-trucks have rumbled past my house at all hours of the day and night. It was obvious to my neighbors and me that some form of distribution business had formed near the end of Camino Caballo.

Neighbors complained to county staff and elected officials. Supposedly, the situation was checked and rechecked, but always determined to be an appropriate business operation. Meanwhile, the road was being destroyed and truck traffic got worse.

Once Caren was appointed to the board, she attended a neighborhood meeting where many neighbors aired their concerns.

Caren immediately took action.

The situation was evaluated and the county determined that improper distribution operations were occurring.

Thank you, Caren Ray, for uncovering the truth. We need you representing the people.