Letters to the Editor

Bring balance to board

I want a balanced county government.

How can that be if Caren Ray is elected to the Board of Supervisors?

Caren Ray, Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson make up a majority on the board, allowing them to shape the county to meet their vision of what is best. There has been no balance on the board since Ray’s appointment. Lynn Compton would bring back the balance needed for San Luis Obispo County to grow in the future.

Furthermore, average taxpayers are paying their fair share of taxes. Yet Caren Ray wants to create workforce housing for people earning $60,000 to $100,000 annually. Workforce housing would further burden taxpayers and not address housing needs of low-income or single-parent households.

Ray says we can’t attract new employees to work in San Luis Obispo County because they can't afford housing. Yet the new head-of-household, good paying jobs that have been created are all government jobs. How are these government jobs sustainable?

Lynn Compton is a business owner. She is the only candidate with a background in agriculture. She knows what is needed to create jobs and strengthen the county’s economy. She will listen to constituents and provide the leadership and balance the 4th District has been lacking.