Letters to the Editor

For the electorate

Lynn Compton is most qualified for the District 4 supervisor’s seat because she is well respected by all who know her, extremely competent and her commitments are to the electorate. She supports:

  • Stopping conversion of agricultural land for residential development.
  • Resolving water issues before bringing others into the area.
  • Decreasing regulations/penalties that drive businesses out of state.
  • An end to valuing fish, birds and insects above the lives of human beings.
  • Halting the smart growth plan to control our communities and reduce our individual and property rights.

Conversely, Caren Ray’s commitment to big government is reflected in her receipt of more than $30,000 in contributions from developers — some the largest in the county — who have or may bring projects before the board:

  • Gary Grossman (President, Coastal Community Builders), $15,786
  • Pam Adkisson (Coastal Community Builders), $100
  • Andrew Boost (Coastal Community Builders), $100
  • Dave Daniels (Coastal Community Builders), $100
  • Arlene Gonzales-Gee (Coastal Community Builders), $100
  • Monte Cool (works for attorney for Coastal Community Builders), $5,000
  • Marty Mohamed (Coastal Community Builders), $100
  • Jim Laloggia (Coastal Community Builders), $1,000
  • Laurie Mangano (Mangano Homes Inc.), $10,000

Total Ray received from developers: $32,786.

Check out Lynn Compton’s contribution records. Who really has your interests at heart?