Letters to the Editor

Reaping bad karma

The attacks on the United States compound in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012, which we now hear so much flap about, resulted in a tragic loss of life, no doubt. But it wouldn’t have happened if the United States hadn’t gotten involved in the overthrow of a regime in power for over 40 years. A dictatorship, no doubt — but the United States has put into power, kept in power, and propped up so many brutal dictatorships around the world that it’s hard to count them. It’s interesting that the ones the United States feels compelled to overthrow often seem to possess oil reserves, major trade routes, cheap labor sources and strategic geographic positions. A pattern, maybe ?

No doubt the Obama regime failed to make sure that adequate security forces and structures were provided for a diplomatic compound located in a country with no stable government anymore, where all kinds of hostile armed forces were roaming freely. But the basic fact is that when you go around the world policing everyone, overthrowing governments, stirring up hornets’ nests and generally butting your nose into other nations’ business, chances are you’re going to reap the bad karma sooner or later and get bitten. Don’t be surprised.