Letters to the Editor

Slow those speeds

I live in Paso and work in SLO. I have been commuting for eight years, and I can tell you that there are far too many people driving at excessive speeds. Some of these people drive so fast, I don’t even have time to change lanes to let them by. They come up out of nowhere, dangerously close, then slip by on the right going 80-90 miles an hour. Sometimes they even shake their fist at those who are in their way.

I want to ask all you speeders, why? What justification do you have to put lives in danger? Are you so important that you need to get to where you’re going faster than everyone else? Are you exempt from the law? Someday, all that speeding is going to catch up with you. At the very least, I’ll see you pulled over the side of the road, getting a ticket and a stiff fine from the CHP, that’s when I’ll be pumping my fist. Or, at the very worst, I will see you being pulled from your mangled vehicle, and then, I’ll shake my head at the stupidity of it and hope that you aren’t harmed.