Letters to the Editor

Take action on energy

The president continues to delay his decision on the Keystone pipeline; for those opposed, the delay only confirms his wishy-washy attitude toward climate change. His recent statements in support of solar energy are anemic at best, and allow the continued expansion of oil and gas production.

There is enough fossil fuel underground, if used for energy, to consume all available oxygen in the atmosphere leaving the planet unbreathable. Even the Koch brothers would perish.

We need our president to assert himself as a truly concerned parent, citizen and human being, demanding the elimination of all fossil fuel use. It is time for our president to declare a new energy future for this country. Franklin Roosevelt demanded a war-ending bomb; JFK got us to the moon. These were bold men who shaped our future. Now is the time for boldness.

The president must declare us “fossil fuel free” in electricity generation in 10 years if we hope to keep our planet breathable.

Congress is twiddling its thumbs while the temperature rises. If America leads on new energy, the world will follow. All is not lost, but we must act now.