Letters to the Editor

Kudos, Prado Day Center

I am an artist, but that is not what this letter is about. It’s about making things right. Prior to developing my artwork, I was an idiot — one who abused everything and everybody that I could, including the people of San Luis Obispo County. Abusing people is unacceptable. I ask for your forgiveness.

Many people helped me get back on my feet, and one of the first organizations to cross my mind is the Prado Day Center. Shawn Ison and the staff are great. I owe them my life. The community should be proud. I know I am.

I have traveled to more than 30 states with my work. Beauty is abundant, but especially in this region of the globe. San Luis Obispo is my home; I’m proud to say those words. Please join me in congratulating the Prado Day Center.