Letters to the Editor

Move Morro forward

I can’t imagine going back to the old ways in Morro Bay. We’ve had a progressive, forward-thinking City Council for the past 18 months, and I’m elated with the results.

We now have a site for the new wastewater treatment plant with the reclamation option; we have a General Plan update in the works; and the pedestrian/emergency bridge is going in over Morro Creek, so visitors and residents can walk or ride bikes from North Morro Bay to the downtown area.

When we want to speak at council meetings, we can do so at the start, during the public comment period, which is so helpful for those of us who can’t stay later. Also, being able to comment on consent items is new. There are many, many other changes for the good of the city and the citizens. Our streets and sidewalks are getting the replacement and repair they really need.

I am voting for Jamie Irons for mayor and Matt Makowetski for City Council, knowing they will continue this forward movement. I hope you will join me on June 3 (or mark your ballot today).

We need to keep the momentum going!