Letters to the Editor

Government intrusion

Lois Capps has been one of the major supporters of Obamacare. The recent revelations of the disgraceful health care treatment that the Veterans Affairs has been providing to our veterans is indicative of how government programs will manage health care for the rest of us under Obamacare.

The bad treatment of veterans isn’t new; I’ve been hearing of it all of my life.

I know Chris Mitchum will fight to get government out of my health care and anything else that is not fundamentally “governmental.”

Chris Mitchum is the least likely candidate in my opinion to get “swallowed up” by Washington cronyism. He has been around the block and has fundamentally sound beliefs, and he will work to bring our country back to the American concept of personal freedoms and responsibilities that best serves us.

I firmly believe Chris Mitchum will be our representative, not an elitist director of our lives.