Letters to the Editor

Independent? Civil?

What happened to the independent and civil Mike Byrd?

His civility pledge was cast aside when he chose to sponsor hit pieces on the most divisive website in the area. His website has posted links to attack articles full of innuendo and conjecture. His website and sponsored Facebook ads have become more anti-Ray than pro-Byrd.

Looking at recent contribution filings, it is now clear he is almost exclusively supported by a far-right Republican supporter and former politician and the real estate industry and its PACs.

While he was unable to garner support for a political party and wears that as an honor, the truth is that more than 90 percent of his support come from just two places. This is a far greater proportion than either of the other candidate’s “partisan support.”

I don’t think we know what the real story on Mr. Byrd is, but one thing is clear, it is not what he claims.

Look close before you vote. Rhetoric is nothing, leadership counts.