Letters to the Editor

Divided department

The tone and tenor of the campaigning for district attorney is extraordinarily disappointing. It reveals a department that is deeply divided, and all law-abiding citizens ought to consider what will be next once the election is over. There is more at stake than simply a “palace coup” among lawyers who are charged with enforcing the law in our county.

On the one hand, there is an heir apparent, Tim Covello, anointed by the outgoing DA (and The Tribune) to take over the office, and on the other, a challenger, Dan Dow, who seems to have the support of nearly all the rank and file within the department.

When the dust settles, we can expect a shakeup or housecleaning of significant proportion, regardless of the winner. At a minimum, there will be hard feelings because this has been a bitter and sometimes rancorous battle. This is very regrettable, because lawyers, of all people, know that “reasonable men can differ.”

I hope, but I am not positive, that reasonableness will finally prevail and that enforcement of the laws designed to protect us will not suffer.