Letters to the Editor

The cutting edge

Today, I heard Mr. Tim Covello concerning his DA bid: He exhibited a breadth of knowledge concerning mental illness, drug addiction, gang involvement, misdemeanors, more serious — current and potential — crime. He discussed the new alignment system, in which some persons who were in prison are now assigned to county jails; how to prevent recidivism, and the need to offer treatment and case management services.

As a psychologist who has worked for over 30 years in the criminal justice system, community mental health, college teaching and the private sector, I believe I am able to judge qualifications to handle not only serious cases that land up in a court, but also those day-by-day “mistakes” of a community.

I found Mr. Covello to be current and on the cutting edge in a strenuous and demanding job. He has academic achievement, a solid prior work history, a quality work ethic with a focus on public service, and an evident commitment to the DA’s office. He expects the best of himself and staff and does not appear to like fighting issues out in public with Mr. Dan Dow. I believe he would work out with staff whatever issues exist. Reading about this race was insufficient.