Letters to the Editor

Direct housing

I’m sure John Ashbaugh, John Spatafore, Sandee Menge and Paul Wolff are nice people and that their hearts are in the right place.

However, despite their “we-are-right-Dan-Carpenter-is-wrong” op-ed piece, they are the ones headed in the wrong direction.

Carpenter’s proposal to upgrade the existing Maxine Lewis center and use the rest of the money for a direct-housing focus is the more reasonable, proven approach. Nationally, those states that are providing direct housing to the homeless are succeeding.

San Luis Obispo, on the other hand, wants to build a monument to its stupidity, a glossy citadel with high-priced overseers who will provide little in useful help. Oh, sure, it’ll look good and there’ll be a nice plaque out front, but it won’t work.

Like the rest of this city’s misguided approach to governance, this is top-down, management-heavy wrongheadedness that will not achieve the long-term goal of ending homelessness in our county.