Letters to the Editor

Priority project

I want to thank Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons for his leadership, which is responsible for the Coastal Commission’s recent action waiving permit fees for the bridge and extension of the Morro Bay Harbor Walk. It was Irons’ efforts in improving the city’s previously dismal relationship with the commission that made this victory possible. Instead of fighting the commission, Irons has worked hard to build credibility with our coastal partners to find collaborative solutions to the challenges facing Morro Bay.

Irons identified this project as a priority, but I never imagined this much progress could be made in less than two years. The harbor walk extension and bridge create more than a scenic path for tourists. They are also essential links uniting north Morro Bay to the downtown for pedestrians and bicycles.

Anyone who has walked or ridden a bike up Main Street past Quintana to get to the center of town, or splashed through foul water to reach the parking lot north of the rock, knows just how vital this link is. Thanks to Irons’ leadership, the children of north Morro Bay will have safe access to all our beautiful city has to offer.