Letters to the Editor

A lack of respect

That was a fitting tribute to Judge Christopher Money in a recent Tribune article. He was highly respected, and it was my privilege to have served with him on the Women’s Shelter Program Board of Directors. I also had numerous contacts with Money when he was in the District Attorney’s Office and I was program manager at the Mental Health Department. In the article, Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera said, “He ran an office with good morale.” Dan Hilford said, “Those who knew him found him personable and compassionate.”

All this to say that Money was exactly what Tim Covello is not. The District Attorney’s Office is suffering from the loss of Assistant District Attorney Dan Hilford to retirement, who everyone also respected and who supports Dan Dow. His replacement, Covello, has caused morale to plummet. It’s interesting that on the same day you endorsed Covello, you ran a Covello attack ad that underscores Covello’s leadership problems. That ginned-up “ethical” concern was orchestrated as an attack on Dow. It’s no wonder the deputies in the District Attorney’s Office do not want Covello.

On the outside chance he wins, I wonder what he plans to do to repair the damage he has created with his deputies.