Letters to the Editor

Inspiring confidence

Before this hotly contested race for district attorney, I did not know either candidate, although I am familiar with some deputy district attorneys. I thought it was quite unusual that almost all deputies were supporting Dan Dow and not the assistant district attorney.

I’ve spoken to several deputy district attorneys and members of our legal community who say the qualities that make an excellent trial attorney do not necessarily translate into being an effective administrator, resulting in Tim Covello’s lack of support. Dan Hilford, former assistant district attorney for 32 years, who supervised both candidates, is also actively campaigning for Dow.

Covello supporters assert that it’s important to keep in mind that deputy district attorneys represent only 20 percent of office employees, but what is the percentage of Covello’s support by the other 80 percent? If it were a majority of those employees, wouldn’t the Covello campaign be citing that, instead of trying to make it look as if the deputies are a small minority? These 23 deputies and Hilford, who are standing up to be counted, comprise 464 years of prosecutorial experience.

This race isn’t about campaign contributions or unions, it’s about which general inspires confidence in his troops.