Letters to the Editor

One we agree on

I’m a Democrat, and my dad’s a Republican. Politics has been the source of lively conversation at our dinner table. However, when we discuss the district attorney’s race, we are in complete agreement — we want the most qualified candidate as our next district attorney. We are “party blind,” which is as it should be because district attorney is a nonpartisan position.

Only Tim Covello has the necessary hands-on experience, proven track record, unparalleled integrity and the endorsement of active and retired law enforcement and community leaders such as District Attorney Gerry Shea; Grover Trask, retired district attorney from Riverside County; retired Sheriff Ed Williams; and numerous current and retired chiefs of police who we believe know who is best equipped to be the next district attorney.

Everyone is familiar with Covello’s work over the past 21 years because he has prosecuted the most difficult cases while working his way up to second-in-command as assistant district attorney. Please visit Covello’s website and you will see many Republican and Democratic community members supporting an independent Covello for district attorney.

My dad and I ask you, regardless of your party affiliation, to join us in voting for Tim Covello because he is best qualified to be district attorney.