Letters to the Editor

Clean campaign

I have been following the campaigning of all three candidates in the 4th District. As is typical in campaigns, candidates’ campaign signs are everywhere. The signs offer a helpful tool to gain candidates name recognition and for voters to show support for their favorite. That’s the point. Candidates up against an incumbent must advertise to get their name out in front of voters. That’s just good campaigning. What a compliment to Lynn Compton that so many of her constituents want to display her signs.

Compton’s campaign has been clean. Her creative ways of getting her name out there to the voters of the 4th District show she thinks outside the box. Lynn has the ability to see both the big picture on issues and also hone the details into manageable tasks to reach positive solutions. We need someone with Compton’s passion and innovative ideas on the Board of Supervisors. She’ll work hard and fix the problems that face this county.

As the campaign comes to an end on June 3, pay attention to what truly makes a good leader who will effectively focus on and solve real issues and elect Lynn Compton.