Letters to the Editor

A different party

There is an election coming soon. We stand at a precipice where today, more than at any moment in history, the votes we cast matter. If you are an old-school conservative Republican, and are tired of the constant scheming, lies and manipulation of the GOP, consider voting Libertarian. If you are a young, idealistic liberal who is tired of President Barack Obama killing innocents with flying robots on the other side of the planet, you should vote Green Party.

The Republican Party and the Democrats both have sided themselves with corporate interests, fully believing that money is the only voice that matters. In Australia, the Greens have gathered the largest percentage (13 percent in 2010) of the popular vote in history. People are beginning to realize the largest political parties serve no one except private, corporate interests and have long abandoned the citizens of our great countries. So, no matter what you believe, conservative or liberal, stop voting for the parties that ignore you. Vote Libertarian or vote Green — just vote!