Letters to the Editor

An expensive path

I believe that Morro Bay Mayor Jamie Irons voted to fire our city manager and city attorney for one reason: They both opposed moving our sewer plant and saddling the citizens of Cayucos and Morro Bay with at least $100 million in additional debt. Now Irons has part-time employees filling those positions — employees who have no vested interest in our future, who will rubber-stamp his projects.

You must understand, fellow citizens, the money to build a Taj Mahal sewer plant will not come from federal and state grants. It will come from municipal bonds, which we will pay for in increased taxes and sewer fees.

We’ve watched our neighbors over in Los Osos, as the costs of their sewer plant have increased to more than $180 million, and we wonder how those folks will cope.

We appear to be heading down the same path. Before you consider voting to re-elect Irons and his new supporter, Matt Makowetski, ask them how much your share of this new debt will be and how much your sewer bill will increase. I sincerely doubt either of them will be able to give you an answer.