Letters to the Editor

Endorsement is off

I read the “Vote for experience” letter (May 13). I recognized the endorser names and realized that due to their current and past law enforcement position(s), years worked and their guesstimated ages:

1) Most of the endorsers have never investigated a crime that was forwarded to Tim Covello for prosecution.

2) Most of the endorsers have never testified in a case prosecuted by Covello.

3) Most have not even approved an actual crime report that was forwarded to Covello for prosecution.

I am sure many know Covello through their governmental ties, but that does not qualify someone to throw an endorsement his way. The endorsers may have been told he is doing a great job, but unless they know 100 percent for sure, it’s all hearsay.

I would be much more impressed with a huge list of “no names” with the titles of police officer, detective, investigator, sergeant, probation officer, etc. These are the professionals who would have firsthand knowledge of Covello’s experience and ability to lead as district attorney.

This is not an endorsement of any candidate, just a wake-up call that you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the paper!