Letters to the Editor

Fair-minded candidate

I’m encouraging everyone to vote for Caren Ray for District 4 supervisor. She will represent all of us, not just those who represent “special interests” or partisan politics. Since being appointed to office by the governor, Ray has already shown that she is willing to spend countless hours speaking with her constituents, doing research on the issues, weighing the pros and cons of each issue and making informed decisions.

Ray’s primary concern is for the health and welfare of the people she represents — not just business owners or landowners, but all of us who live in her district.

As a school counselor, I had the pleasure of working with Ray in the school setting. Her ability to break down complex issues into pieces that we can all understand is nothing short of amazing — and refreshing.

As a government teacher, she understands the dynamics of both good governance and economics, so very important to the issues that face us in South County. Caren Ray is fair-minded and a consensus builder. What’s not to like?