Letters to the Editor

Conservative approach

We have seen several letters to the editor in various publications during the past few weeks, each of which has provided glowing tribute to the recently politically appointed Fourth District supervisor Caren Ray.

Ray is credited with having the answers to water shortages, oil spills and fires, yet no facts are provided. Lynn Compton’s law degree and her extensive local business experience are ignored while Ray’s work in government and as a teacher is touted as being important background and experience.

We fail to find the logic in calling Ray a “distinguished supervisor,” when she is only a political appointee.

I am firmly convinced that the County would be better served by electing Lynn Compton as 4th District supervisor.

Compton knows what it takes to meet budgets and payrolls, and how important it is to keep taxes under control. Her basic beliefs match those of Katcho Achadjian and we desperately need a fiscal conservative approach to county government. Join me and vote to elect Lynn Compton on June 3.