Letters to the Editor

Put burden on louts

The controversy over the request by Cal Poly and the mayor to downtown bars to refrain from opening early on graduation day reminds me of an ad campaign from a few years back. In this ad, people were asked to lock their cars, to “help keep a good boy from going bad,” or words to that effect.

Now, in much the same way, the bar owners are asked to keep “good boys good” by withholding liquor from them in the early morning.

How about this? Students who show up for graduation drunk, disruptive and/or disrespectful, or who become so during the ceremony, will be immediately removed. Cap and gown confiscated.

In other words, give the “adults” a time-out, which is what they deserve. Don’t put the burden on the bar owners, put it on the childish, immature louts who cause the problems.

If the parents who have come to see their darlings graduate are disappointed, who will they blame? The bartenders? Possibly. But at least everyone else will be able to enjoy the ceremonies in peace.