Letters to the Editor

A leader of integrity

It seems like a truckload of money is pouring in to San Luis Obispo County to unseat Caren Ray as our 4th District supervisor.

There are endless, expensive, professional signs, mailers and ads touting her opponents all the while Ray is on the job and doing great work. Ray has the experience and a proven track record that shows she is what we need — a leader who looks closely at each issue before supporting or opposing it. She’s also proven herself to be an ethical person who brings all sides together to solve issues.

With the challenges looming before us, I want a leader who will dissect each issue publicly. How about the ever-increasing cost of our minimal water supplies, yet the seemingly endless development touted as positive for the rest of us? How about the possibility of 20,000 rail cars loaded with crude, totaling a half-billion gallons, passing through the county heading to and from the Phillips 66 location in Nipomo? What about the threat of derailment disasters and major crude oil spills and fires with its long-term effects on our people and economy?

Our future deserves an experienced leader of integrity. Vote for Caren Ray.