Letters to the Editor

A clear choice

The choice for the next 4th District supervisor could not be clearer on June 3. On one hand, we have a Sacramento-selected incumbent. On the other, we have independent, business-minded Lynn Compton. She has lived in and raised her family in San Luis Obispo for the past two decades and I am proud to call her my friend. She and her husband own and operate a local small business. This community-centered mindset is needed to effectively represent the people of the South County and the 4th District.

The incumbent continues to boast that she has created jobs and new businesses throughout the county, but as I and any business owner know full well, it wasn’t any government bureaucrat who created businesses. Compton knows this, and will not go around making nonsensical statements like this. Compton’s background in local business, water and agriculture issues is needed to adequately represent the people of the 4th District. That is why I am proudly supporting Lynn Compton.