Letters to the Editor

Effective prosecutor

In early 2013, I served on a jury for the trial of a mother and son who were charged with the brutal torture and murder of Dystiny Myers. Tim Covello was the lead prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office.

The evidence was thoroughly organized and presented with language that enabled the jury to understand the technical information. Witnesses to the crime were asked questions using exact and understandable language. The case, presented in such a professional manner, allowed the jury to come to a unanimous guilty decision.

After witnessing the work of Tim Covello during that trial, I feel our community needs someone with his dedication and work ethic to be in charge of the District Attorney’s Office. If you served on this jury, you witnessed how effective Covello can be in prosecuting a difficult case. I urge you to support his candidacy with your vote and to contact family and friends to do the same.