Letters to the Editor

Wide praise

In my years of experience working with the District Attorney’s Office, I know that the elected district attorney must be well versed in the wide range of duties and responsibilities specific to the office. If a particular deputy district attorney who has worked for six years in the office is regarded as a leader by his/her peers, he should be considered for a promotion to enable his growth and development to someday match his aspirations.

On the other hand, Tim Covello has been an outstanding career prosecutor for more than 21 years. He has successfully prosecuted some of the most heinous crimes this county has ever seen, including the Rex Krebs murder of one female Cal Poly student and one female Cuesta College student and the brutal murder and burning of 15-year-old Dystiny Meyers, as well as myriad other homicide cases.

Not only is Covello recognized by the knowledgeable legal community, including a full range of sitting judges, as the county’s toughest prosecutor, he is widely praised for his compassion for the victims of crimes.

Elect Tim Covello, district attorney.