Letters to the Editor

All elections matter

I was told that the upcoming election doesn’t matter: Wrong! It matters, I served in the Marine Corps, have been to war and have seen first-hand the difference between a free society and one that is not.

As election day approaches, we must remember the true cost paid for the privilege we have to vote in this country. Yes, a privilege that men and women have died for and continue to defend around the world. Please do not make their sacrifices matter for naught. It doesn’t matter if you’re red, blue, left, right or in the middle. What matters is that you take part.

All elections matter, especially the ones that don’t get all the hype in the off years from presidential elections, because they will still fill our local supervisorial seats, council seats, the clerk’s office, the DA’s office and more. These are positions that shape how things are done locally for many years to come. I urge all who can, especially my fellow veterans, to please vote on June 3.