Letters to the Editor

A more serene drive

Thank you to Kathe Tanner. We could not agree more regarding her column about “Many good reasons for driving slow” (Tribune, May 8).

We, too, live in Cambria and drive the lovely, scenic and pastoral roads she describes, as well as other Central Coast roads. Since these roads are among the most beautiful you will find anywhere, we choose to drive at a serene pace, a couple of miles slower than the speed limit, to take in the visual delights.

We have made a thorough inventory of good pull-outs because we know we will be tailgated and would prefer people pass us safely than fly by us illegally crossing the solid yellow lines. People still pass us illegally over double yellow lines all the time and we have both experienced someone coming straight toward us in our lane doing an unsafe pass the other way.

A serene and pleasant rhythm to life has not made us late for any appointments and how much nicer to show up after having had a blissful experience rather than a stressful one. Really, what’s the rush, folks?