Letters to the Editor

Decent housing

Affordable housing is in short supply here in San Luis Obispo. There seems to be no disagreement on this. When we talk about how and where to provide decent, affordable shelter — and what, exactly, constitutes “decent” — disagreement sparks.

Somehow, we theoretically want decent housing for all, but we never seem to want to accept it or “them” in our own neighborhood. The sparks approach the gas can as costs of emergency services and healthcare continue to rise — consequences of ignoring housing needs of our most vulnerable neighbors.

It is my pleasure to support the Transitions-Mental Health Association’s Sunny Acres housing project, an example of community partnership at its best. TMHA has a proven track record in housing, already successfully managing housing for 150 clients countywide and creating safe, beautiful living spaces in a variety of neighborhoods.

Not only will the project house up to 35 of our vulnerable neighbors most in need, but it will bring community benefit by renovating and making use of a historic structure. The larger undeveloped property will directly benefit the community as continued open space. Please support TMHA in making this project a reality.