Letters to the Editor

Minor event

Letter writers Thomas Keating and Deborah Torre (May 6) seem to think that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should have been watching the Benghazi tragedy the way the Osama bin Laden operation unfolded.

In truth it, was a minor event, with Ambassador Chris Stevens simply wanting to go there to see about the possibility of reopening the U.S. Special Mission, which had been closed since the previous June. He thought there would be sufficient security, both American and Libyan, but obviously there was not — with many of the Libyan guards disappearing.

When the attack began, the CIA base a mile away sent help, but it did not get there in time. Naturally, in the aftermath, there was confusion on our part as to precisely who the attackers were, but that has long been resolved. End of story.

It is obvious that some misguided Republicans are hoping that by constantly bringing up the subject of Benghazi the Clinton presidential nomination will be derailed. But many sensible Republicans now understand that is not going to happen.