Letters to the Editor

Critical office

Caren Ray is the best candidate for 4th District county supervisor. She has the background and experience this critical office requires.

Caren earned two college degrees, has owned a small business, and taught high school history. She also has a nearly 10-year distinguished career in local government. She was an Arroyo Grande planning commissioner, a member of the Arroyo Grande City Council and she is the distinguished 4th District supervisor.

As a county supervisor, Caren Ray is known for consensus-building, having brought together opposing factions to effectively deal with county water shortage issues. Her non-partisan leadership style is exactly what this Board of Supervisors needs.

This isn’t a job that you trust to someone who has never been in government before. The other candidates lack legislative decision-making experience required for this office. The county supervisor position is no place for on-the-job-training where novices learn by mistakes at our expense.

Caren’s experience and demonstrated accomplishments provide us with the confidence that she will continue to provide the best leadership for the 4th District. We need to return Caren Ray to the 4th District county supervisor seat on June 3.