Letters to the Editor

Learn about candidate

I read with interest the letter from Ray Johnson (Launching attacks, May 7) concerning the campaign for district attorney and his support for candidate Dan Dow. He states that Mr. Dow is supported by the majority of his fellow prosecutors in the District Attorney’s Office and former Assistant District Attorney Dan Hilford. He fails to mention that Dan was recognized as Prosecutor of the Year while working with the Riverside County District Attorney. He also was awarded the John L. Seitz award last year by the San Luis Obispo County Bar Association for his community service.

As a former law enforcement officer and a prosecutor in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo counties, I am more convinced by the fact that all law enforcement associations in the county that have made an endorsement have endorsed Dan Dow. It concerns me that none of these front-line deputies and officers who investigate and file the cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office supports Mr. Covello, with whom they have worked for the last 21 years.

I encourage all voters to learn more about Mr. Dow by viewing his website, http://www.dandow.com, and to vote for Dan Dow for district attorney.