Letters to the Editor

Courage exhibited

The Tribune on April 27, had great examples of courageous writers addressing relevant, but perhaps unpopular points of view.

First of all, Joe Tarica had the courage to proclaim that it is “time to end foolishness in Nevada.” I am a veteran, but civilian armed guards with automatic weapons have no legitimate place in a civilized society of law and order. It was brilliant to compare these vigilantes with the “Lord of the Flies” story, especially describing the final primal chaos.

Then it was refreshing, and again courageous, to endorse Bruce Gibson, but for the right reasons, touting his education, experience and ability to focus on relevant long-term issues.

Again it took courage to share the commentary by Leonard Pitts, Jr., who declared that the “War on Drugs” has been expensive, ineffective and tends to single out minority groups.

And the list goes on and on: Steve Provost writing about how language shapes our lives and Dan Krieger, as always, giving fascinating insights into our past.

Thank you so much for a courageous, thought-provoking, and stimulating and relevant newspaper.