Letters to the Editor

End pub crawl ‘tradition’

I don’t know how your editorial opinions are formulated, but your most recent one deserves a brickbat; it deserves it for throwing a brickbat at the collaborative request from the San Luis Obispo mayor and the vice president for student affairs at Cal Poly that downtown bars not open early on graduation day. The mayor and vice president deserve nothing but bouquets for this effort. Hopefully, the downtown bars will respond positively to this request.

I don’t know when this “tradition” of 6 a.m. pub crawling on graduation day began. It certainly did not exist when I was a student at Cal Poly in the 1960s. One would have thought the university’s ceremony of handing out diplomas to stu dents as they cross the stage in front of parents and other guests would be celebration enough for the achievements of hardworking students who want to be treated as functional adults.

A cohesive civil society depends on more than libertarian individual responsibility. It takes a community, not of likeminded thinkers, but of respectful attitudes and behavior. We, the community, honor the achievements of hardworking students. I fail to see how 6 to 9 a.m. pub crawling contributes to that community celebration.