Letters to the Editor

Living by the sword

I agree with Matt Kokkonen (Letters, May 5). We should be more vigilant in order to prevent terrorist attacks on people and infrastructure by domestic criminals.

As for attacks by foreign agents such as jihadists, I don’t think that conventional means will work in the end as long as we, ourselves, rain terror on their countries with cruise missiles, cluster bombs and drones. Jihadists do not seem to attack Mexico, Germany, Poland or even Canada, for that matter. They target mostly the United States and England, the two countries bent on implementing the “New World Order.”

Boston mourned the deaths and injuries of its marathon participants. It was a tragedy indeed. Unfortunately, we seem to mourn only our own. We do not think twice about the tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children killed in Iraq ostensibly to “spread Democracy.”

Yes, let us be vigilant, but let us also remember the proverb: “He who lives by the sword ...”