Letters to the Editor

No attack on rights

Mr. Peter Sysak’s letter (Feb. 2), criticizing The Tribune for noticing that his candidate was skirting the county’s campaign sign law, is confused and puzzling.

First, he claims that The Tribune is attacking his candidate’s First Amendment rights. The First Amendment says that Congress (that’s the federal government) shall make no law restricting the freedom of speech or press. The Tribune made no laws (it can’t), nor did it force his candidate to clam up or stop printing. It did, however, point out that the candidate was fudging the spirit and letter of the county sign regulations. So much for that red herring.

The claim that the incumbent 4th District supervisor is a novice is both laughable and false. She has 10 years of governmental experience as a legislator on a Planning Commission, a City Council, and a county Board of Supervisors. Would he prefer that a candidate have no experience and learn about government at the expense of the citizens? I am sure he can find at least two other candidates with that qualification.