Letters to the Editor

Common Core not better

Being a senior in high school, it has been brought to my attention that STAR testing will no longer be taking place in our school system. I had high hopes that the new system would be as life-changing as it has been rumored to be, but I feel it is no better than the old system.

The Core Curriculum exclaims revolutionary promises; it is self-proclaimed to be the most “robust and relevant” standardized method in existence, it is the road to a “high-quality education” that the STAR tests failed to achieve. But, even on the Core Curriculum website itself, there are no facts to support their claims, no “compare and contrast” of the old methods versus the new. The only real basis they provide is examples of their test questions, but the questions are literally no different than the ones we have always seen on the STAR tests. The only true differences are that now testing will take place on a computer, and the standards will be nationwide rather than specific to each state. I admire the efforts to improve education, but Core Curriculum is not the revolutionary tool we have been waiting for.