Letters to the Editor

All depends on vote

Regarding the voting structure for the board of the proposed Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Water District and in response to Ms. Celia Tkach’s Jan. 19 letter: Given that around 60 percent of the acreage in the “small” grouping of landowner voters is held by owners of fewer than 20 acres, it is unlikely that a large-acreage candidate would prevail as long as the voters turn out.

Similarly, because the bulk of the registered voters are overwhelmingly small-parcel owners or residents, the vote for the three directors elected by registered voters will hinge on voter turnout. The rural residential landowners and residents have a chance to make a difference in the makeup of the board, but it will be up to them. That is why the compromise voting structure arrived at by the Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions and PRO Water Equity is equitable — it all depends on who turns out to vote.