Letters to the Editor

Why the bike hate?

I really don’t understand why some people hate bicycles so much. Recently, there have been a couple of letters suggesting, with the impending implementation of the 3-foot-passing law, that bicycles be banned from narrow roadways. Why do they suggest a ban on only bicycles? Why not ban anything that impedes motor vehicle speeds — pedestrians, equestrians, farm equipment, etc.?

The recent letters suggest the 3-foot-passing law will cause traffic to back up on narrow roads because there is not enough room to allow 3 feet and pass. Apparently, the writers failed to read the law, which states a driver must pass a bicyclist safely and allow 3 feet, unless there is not enough room to do so. In that case, the driver must slow down and pass when safe to do so at a safe speed.

The addition of the 3-feet rule should make it easier to prosecute drivers who intentionally “buzz” cyclists. The fine is $35 ($220 if the driver hits and injures the cyclist). The new law really isn’t much different from what is currently in effect; it just specifies that drivers must allow 3 feet when passing a bicyclist at speed.