Letters to the Editor

Value our freedom

I see nothing wrong with the the Lynn Compton campaign parking the U-Haul trailer anywhere in the county. As stated in The Tribune’s editorial Jan. 24, no ordinances were violated.

When my grandchildren were in elementary school at the time of the 2008 presidential election, on display for all to see was a huge cardboard cutout of Barack Obama. Most of the teachers wore Obama pins on their clothing. I don’t recall seeing anything in the paper complaining about those obviously slanted opinions in a liberal direction.

Because Lynn Compton is more conservative than most in this county, she is being targeted. I am certain, were she someone like Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill or Caren Ray, there would not be any complaints. You see, conservatives believe in freedom of speech.

Why don’t those of you who are less tolerant of opposing views read the Constitution? You might learn something.