Letters to the Editor

Commitment is key

I am a liberal, married woman and breadwinner for 18 years. We are 57 and could not have built this life had my husband not practically single-parented our four children while I attended school. My parents — who had five children — divorced in their 40s. Neither one financially recovered.

We must address the connection between single-parent households and poverty. Love is sweet, commitment key. When love is in doubt, commitment remains. I advocate for marriage. Weeks, months, sometimes years pass when your partnership is not “in sync.” Stay. Do your best; do your part. Forgive. Heed your own counsel. Satisfaction comes from making a plan, sticking to it and enjoying the rewards. This is what commitment brings. I have seen regret in those who put “me” first and came to know their mistake.

I shudder to think where we might be if my husband and I did not work through challenges and honor our commitment. It is not easy — but our reward is now and forever. Our children and theirs are direct beneficiaries. I can point to no greater satisfaction than this, and I wish this for all married couples. Choose carefully and stay together. You will be glad you did, I promise.