Letters to the Editor

Leaders should stay

It’s 2014, and this year, four seats will be open on the San Luis Coastal Unified School District’s school board. Although it’s early, I would like to encourage the current board members whose terms are set to expire, President Jim Quesenberry, Clerk Ellen Sheffer and trustees Mark Buchman and Marilyn Rodger, to seek re-election and continue to build on the foundation created while they have served.

San Luis Coastal is lucky to have board members as dedicated to the parents, students, staff and community, as the current members of the board. The current board members focus on students, focus on effectiveness, and focus on execution.

I strongly encourage these board members to seek re-election, and hope voters will join me to reelect President Quesenberry, Clerk Sheffer, Mr. Buchman and Mrs. Rodger in November. With these leaders, we can continue to move forward.