Letters to the Editor

Boycott vineyards

I am overcome with sadness over the plight of El Pomar’s owner. Having just dug huge wells with pipes larger than 10 inches in diameter, to irrigate new vineyards as yet unplanted, and in the face of clear analysis of water shortage and overdrafting of the aquifer, how can you not have pity for his plight?

I had thought that businessmen gave a thoughtful analysis of current conditions, of possible threats to the business plan, and the long-term effect of the viability of his project before leaping into a new venture.

I was wrong: El Pomar is exercising it’s ownership of any water that passes beneath its land independent of the consequences.

It is time that we start exercising what little power that we have and begin to boycott vineyards who are not behaving responsibly to the citizens of this area.