Letters to the Editor

Self-defense party

After my 12-year-old daughter and our exchange student were harassed by San Luis Obispo college-age boys asking them to jump in their car, I decided to call RISE (855-886-7473, http://www.riseslo.org). I wanted to have my two young charges and their girlfriends educated on empowerment and self-defense.

Caitlin Fuller, of the RISE organization, set up an incredible workshop. The workshop was more than just punching and kicking. The young ladies were taught how to use their voices, minds and bodies to protect themselves. All of the participants were very appreciative of the workshop and have told me how much they learned from Caitlin.

I urge parents of young ladies to have similar “selfdefense parties” for their daughters. The RISE staff will come to you. It is a great way for the girls to learn these important life lessons in a safe, supportive environment.